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Fresh vegetable juices are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and other important nutrients. As the fiber has been removed, fresh juices supply nutrition to the body that is quickly and easily available for maximum benefit and requires little digestive effort.

Dr Kirschner, M.D. states in "Live Food Juices": ... if modern research is correct, the power to break down the cellular structure of raw vegetables, and assimilate the precious elements they contain, even in the healthiest individual is only fractional -not more than 35%, and in the less healthy, down to 1%. In the form of juices, these same individuals assimilate up to 92% of these elements."

The three core colors of any complete and effective juicing program are:

green - orange - red.

This is what AIM's Garden Trio offers:

BarleyLife, Just Carrots and Redibeets.

Over 30 years ago The AIM Companies pioneered the use of plants—barley, carrots, and beets—as whole food supplements to deliver concentrated nutrition to the body. Since then, the company has been committed to strive for excellence and continuous improvement.

To ensure maximum nutritional value, AIM uses only residue-free vegetables and processes them at very low temperatures to keep heat-sensitive nutrients and enzymes alive. The resulting all-natural vegetable juice powder concentrates are a convenient way to receive the benefits of juicing easily and effortlessly.

AIM BarleyLife is a storehouse of nutrients. Due to growing conditions in mineral rich soil, it provides even greater benefit than freshly juiced barley grass grown indoors on sprouting trays with very shallow soil. BarleyLife, since it is grown organically and harvested at the peak of its nutrition, contains one of the broadest spectrums of nutrients, readily available for optimal assimilation. It is a true juice product, compared to dehydrated whole leaves of grasses that have been pulverized.

For more details on BarleyLife click here.

AIM Just Carrots provides 100% natural carrot juice crystals with only the fiber removed. The powder is concentrated 25 times: 25 pounds of raw carrots are used to make 1 pound of Just Carrots powder. One serving (12g) mixed with water offers the nutritional equivalent of 4.5 oz freshly squeezed juice and 18,720 IU of Beta Carotene. Most importantly, 90% of the Beta Carotene is absorbed. More than just a source of natural Vitamin A, Beta Carotene is also a powerful antioxidant as well as special nutrition for eyes and skin. In addition, AIM Just Carrots contains generous amounts of calcium, iron, and potassium.

AIM Redibeets provides valuable support for the liver. It is an excellent source of iron, which is more easily assimilated than other forms of iron supplements. In addition, it offers phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and potassium, which is essential for all cellular functions. One half pound of pesticide-free beets is used to produce a teaspoon of Redibeets juice powder concentrate.

Rica's comment:

To my knowledge, AIM’s Garden Trio is the closest thing to a fresh vegetable juice that we can get without me having to spend the time and clean-up for making fresh juices.  The powders dissolve well in water (best shaken in a jar) and taste good. For a special treat, my daughter and I mix it with Vanilla RiceDream for a wonderful mid-afternoon snack.

The National Cancer Institute recommends eating 6 or more servings of vegetables a day. AIM’s Garden Trio helps our family reach that goal. One easy way to boost our immune systems and improve whole body health and pH-balance is taking our daily dose of organically grown AIM BarleyLife and the AIM Garden Trio. These whole foods (in contrast to synthetic supplements) provide us with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, live enzymes, chlorophyll, antioxidants - all in juice form and easy to assimilate. Knowing that AIM has zero tolerance for pesticide residue I am confident we get the best the market has to offer at a great price. I just have to consider the cost of organic carrots. 25 pounds is used to make one pound of AIM Just Carrots juice powder. 

In 2003, I met a woman, Linda Cole, who then had been cancer free for 7 years. She claims it was God's grace and vegetable juices that healed her.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided against conventional treatment. Her husband, David, who I also met, supported her despite working in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years.

He used all his research skills to find a natural way of healing and was lead to The AIM Companies. They both drove to headquarters in Idaho, juicer and all, juicing fresh carrots every day.

David requested the data on AIM's green juice, which were given freely. He concluded he hadn't seen any more convincing evidence anywhere so Linda started on the juice. A while later they became aware that AIM also offers a carrot juice powder so Linda added that to her regime for convenience.

As Linda was monitored carefully by three doctors, the interesting finding was that her cancer markers had been up and down, varying due to the quality of carrots she was juicing. Once she started on AIM's Garden Trio, her cancer markers constantly stayed in the desired range. She now calls the Trio her "silent healer". Over the years I have met Linda many times; her bubbling personality is a joy to experience. When we got together in 2014, she was radiating health all over.

If you'd like to improve your well-being and add the benefits of the Garden Trio to your daily life, click here to order.

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