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Guided Healing Meditation


Feedback from workshop participants after experiencing this healing meditation encouraged me to make this recording. Inspired by the work of Dr Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., who worked closely with medical intuitive Caroline Myss, Ph.D., I started working with specific acupuncture points. According to Norman, "all illness is stress-induced," which includes stress on the physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual levels.

My focus in this particular meditation is to include all those aspects and bring as much balance to them as twenty-five minutes would allow. The road to health and well-being is stress management. I combined guided imagery with energy balancing for stress release and to simultaneously integrate both the meridian and chakra systems. While deeply relaxing, you direct healing energy to specific parts of your body, thus decreasing stress, boosting your immune system and addressing emotional, mental and spiritual issues, all at the same time! The benefit of daily meditation for overall well-being has been proven for many years.

Just as an aside, even in the 1980's, when I was still living in Germany, our neighboring country, Holland, had people pay reduced fees for health insurance - on the condition that they meditated regularly. Insurance companies knew way back then that they were less likely to deal with claims from meditators.

I am looking forward to your feedback. Enjoy "BALANCE!"


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Feedback from happy clients

"Balance Tape"


It must be nearly 5 years that I got your meditation tape and I am still listening to it every day, sometimes twice a day. It has certainly transformed my life. I have listened to many other tapes but this one is special. I do know it by heart by now but there is something about listening to your voice and the music. I am addicted to it. Sometimes when I am away I let friends borrow it and they all have liked it. I love to give it as a gift and want to buy four more tapes.
PS: Did I ever tell you that it took me months until I finally heard everything you say on the tape? For the longest time I fell asleep part-way through. It was just so deeply relaxing. I often was surprised to hear a message I hadn’t heard before. The bell at the end always woke me up feeling really refreshed.

Elizabeth Sterritt, Richmond, ON


I need some more tapes at my office. Jean came and took the last bunch. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying your tape. I really look forward to listening to it. It soothes me, balances me and helps me rest easy. Your voice relaxes and comforts me and I feel like I am enveloped in a cocoon of light when I listen to it. I’m finding that I sleep so much better. I sleep deep and well and feel rested and vibrant when I wake up. The nights that I don’t listen I'm actually having trouble falling asleep. So I have to watch that I don’t get addicted to it but if I have an addiction it’s a great one to have, as Jean says. She is loving it, too. She was so excited, she’s going on about it: we get the Reiki, we get the balancing, we get to this, we get to that. It covers everything. She bought five of them and she wants more.

Julie Desmarais, Ottawa, ON


Just wanted to tell you how much i love your meditation tape. It is such a gift to myself when i take the time to listen to it. It leaves me in such blissful peace and makes my steps dance. Thank you for creating it. We are so blessed with your shared gifts. i find your meditation tape to be so total in its relaxation and in its ability to touch all aspects of the self. it touches the emotional, physical, and spiritual. it fills you with such total warmth and calm and peace. it is inviting to return to so frequently. i never tire of listening to it and following it. it is a real treat from me to me and i welcome the thought of the time that i have to be able to devote to it. anyone can get the benefits from it, even without previous exposure to reiki or other meditative experiences. it is very user friendly and heart warming. thank you for creating such a giving and inspirational tape that allows me to take good care of all of me. take time to listen to your own tape....love it as much as i do!!!

Kati Joy Alexandra, Vancouver, BC


Your tape has helped me greatly with the turmoil that is happening in my life at this moment. Every time I listen to it I can feel your caring presence beside me.

Madeleine Lalonde, Ottawa, ON


I like the tone of voice, it is clear, easy to hear and easy to stay focused on - frequently in meditation I am so soothed by the voice that I lose the focus. I really appreciate the messages you are providing, especially about self-care, we all need to hear them. I find the energy balancing effective, I have felt refreshed each time I have used the tape.

Marlene Neufeld, Ottawa, ON


I love to use it and find it effective in creating a very nice atmosphere of peace, relaxation, awareness and self healing. The more I listen to it, the more powerful and focused my own reactions seem to be. Also your voice is calm, clear and pleasing on the ear. All in all, a tape that I intend to continue to use a lot.

Dianne Graves, Almonte, ON


I love your tape. I listen to it twice a day; in the morning and at night.

Kim Simm, Ottawa, ON

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