Healing Spa PlayDay
Come and enjoy a fun, relaxing day in a serene atmosphere in a country setting only 30 minutes west of Ottawa. 
  • Enjoy the Swing Machine‚Ķ
    A Swing Machine is a passive aerobic exerciser. It employs a side to side swinging motion in order to oxygenate, tone and strengthen the body while increasing the feelings of aliveness and well-being. It helps improve circulation just as aerobic exercise does, but without raising the blood pressure or heart rate.
  • Experience the Aqua Chi Foot Bath & Spa  
    The Aqua Chi is a non-invasive and relaxing wellness treatment which amplifies the body's ability to heal itself. It balances your body energies and boosts immunity. The Aqua Chi machine creates energized water for natural healing. This innovative product generates an electrical energy that your body can absorb and utilize when your feet are placed into a footbath. Some things need to be experienced…
  • Treat yourself with a Face Mask.
  • Learn of rejuvenating Facial Exercises.
  • Take home a self-directed Ten-Minute Reflexology Treatment.
  • Feel the benefits of light Back/Foot Rubs.
  • Bring your favourite dish and share your knowledge during a potluck lunch.
  • Come and Play with simple, affordable tools. 
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If you have a group of four to seven friends and would like to arrange your private retreat day,
please contact
rica@wellbeingisyours.com or call 613-257-8362

Comments from happy clients:

The spa day was wonderful and much needed! I feel rejuvenated and refreshed! I have new ideas on my journey to better health! I feel so comfortable and peaceful in this beautiful environment....Followed by an email the next day:Thanks again for such a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful and pampering day! I woke up this morning and my back feels sooooo much better. It doesn't feel as heavy! I could feel the energy moving through my upper body all day yesterday after my first experience on the swing machine. It has helped me feel so much better physically. It's like a weight has been lifted from me. I was feeling stuck in my body...I feel I am making progress in my life but my body felt stuck but today it feels lighter. I owe it to you and your machines!!!!!!!!!!!

  Vickyrae Burns, Pembroke, ON

* * * * * * * *

Rica, I am in awe of the way you live your life. Your house is beautiful, your land awesome and your philosophies enchanting. I am better for being here for this lovely Spa Day. I feel relaxed and refreshed. My favorite moments were: the swing machine, the foot spa and the wonderful healthy food and tea.

Lesley Doucette, Ottawa, ON

* * * * * * * *

The most relaxing day I have had in a very long while. Thank you.

Joan Walsh, Ottawa, ON


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