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This note is in reference to healing work that I have experienced with Rica that has greatly shifted my life opportunities.Throughout my life I had been greatly fearful of heights and enclosed spaces. I used to avoid crossing bridges where I could see the water below, or walk up stairs where it was open and you could see through, or even riding chair lifts while skiing. I used to break out into a cold sweat climbing ladders even a few steps up. When Rica became aware of this fear while noticing that I refused to walk up a spiral staircase she asked if I wished to continue to experience these fears. I declared that I would love to end them and so with that invitation, she worked her magic healing simply while I visualized myself safely in heights and on staircases. It took a matter of minutes and I was walking up and down the spiral staircase in absolute joy and ease.Today I reside on the thirtieth floor of an apartment building with two windowed walls and can easily stand out on the balcony and look straight down. I have even walked across Capilano swinging bridge in Vancouver. I owe this great gift to Ricas energy healing and the insight that led her to even notice that I was experiencing a challenge with something limiting my living life to the fullest. I am so very grateful to her.

Kati Alexandra, Vancouver, BC


Big hugs to you! I just picked up my mom and she is with us for a couple of days. The work you and I did together in my session with you has really made a big difference. It's still stressful sometimes but we are laughing together more than frustrating one another so that's a step in the right direction!

Annette Repstock, Ottawa, ON


Thank you for the session! I still feel so much lighter and more free. I had a soak last night and it helped a lot! My back pain was gone last night and it is much better today. I will continue to use the soak for sure! I also had a nice surprise when I got home on husband had bought me flowers just because he was thinking of me! I had a great Sunday! Thanks again!...

...I received my cell wellness restorer bottles today. Thanks for that. I used almost all of the first bottle that I had. It is certainly helping me. The pain is less severe and there are moments that there is no back pain. Amazing! I still feel very light and I repeat the affirmations many times during the day...this helps me a lot. I also wore my costume to belly dancing last was dress up night...I had many compliments and I felt very empowered by sharing the experience of belly dancing with other women whose goals are to have fun, celebrate different body types and getting dressed up glamorously...I am so grateful to have that experience! I am still feeling the effects of Sunday...something big has shifted within me... thanks again for everything!!!...

...I am doing very well! My back is still feeling 90% better! I feel that I am different since that session with you--whatever has shifted, remains!

Vickyrae Burns, Pembroke, ON


I have always liked Health Kinesiology since I first experienced it, because it really works for me. It is common that clear shifts come about, either in how one feels or in regards to physical symptoms. I like the combination of these shifts with insights about the roots of a problem or symptom, which is made possible through the wonderful tool of muscle testing. I also like how HK can be applied very specifically in conjunction with any other therapy.

Barbara Schuster, Ottawa, ON


Insights with Muscle Testing

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