A Kidney for a Baby Boy

The Power of Alternative Healing: a true story

When I saw his mother the first time she was 7 months pregnant and reported kidney problems of her son-to-be. Various ultra-sounds had shown one kidney to be far too big in size and even worse, it had kept growing between check-ups. The doctors were already talking about a possible early delivery by caesarian and needing to take the kidney out right after birth.

The first muscle testings established that all in all 7 corrections had to be done while the baby was still in the womb. All through the following sessions these corrections consisted of about 70% HK corrections (MC, EFB, ESR) to ensure that energy blockages were removed and proper flow of energy restored. The remaining corrections were taken up by belief work, mainly a procedure I call "Thought Transformation Process" (TTP). TTP eradicates destructive negative thought patterns from our body computer and anchors positive nourishing ones in the "menu".

In addition to our sessions there was quite some "homework" to be done by the mother to release stress on the one hand, and to encourage the baby on the other. Accompanied by gentle stroking of Mom's tummy,  positive affirmations had to be addressed directly to the baby. These suggested that his kidneys were "perfect, whole, and healthy" and "functioning perfectly".

Five weeks later the first good news: the ultra-sound had determined that the kidney had stopped growing!

During our next visit, the mother was in tears since the latest check-up had shown trouble again. She was losing confidence in Kinesiology and was wondering if it was the energy work that had caused her to personally feel less happy and different from her old self than before she had started seeing me. Yet to her credit, despite her doubts, she had come to another session with me and expressed her feelings.
Muscle testing, however, revealed that something very upsetting was going on in her life. She very hesitantly admitted that, downplaying its importance and relevance, yet whatever it was, was too much for her to even mention it to me. Thankfully, that is no hindrance in the way kinesiology works since the Body-Mind-Spirit system knows what it is all about. The stress can be undone without talking about it.

The demand for more "homework" and stress release techniques on a daily basis reminded Mom again and again of the close bond with her unborn baby. She needed to internalize that whatever she was thinking or feeling or doing affected the little guy - in a positive or in a negative way. From this point on the mother took her new task as a health caregiver very seriously and ensured that as much positive energy as possible was offered to her unborn for the last few weeks of her pregnancy.

Since the doctors regarded her delivery as high risk, they insisted on inducing the birth one week before the due date. Fortunately, at that point, the kidney had been able to improve enough so that the doctors backed away from their initial plan to operate.

The dedication and courage of this mother, who against her husband's skepticism and resistance, sought alternative, natural ways to help her baby, played the major part in the healing process. She was willing to accept that her unborn was "part and parcel" of herself and that she needed to heal herself as much as wanting to reach the baby and do something good for him.

Being a very religious person, she had asked for God's help and felt that she was guided to "try" healing energy work. HIS presence was invoked before each session; the muscle testing showed that the first priority was to say a prayer before doing anything else. Saying my own quiet prayer I could feel the presence of healing angels and their willingness to help as much as they could and I knew that we were guided to do the right thing.

Thanks to all of the above, the baby boy was able to keep his kidney.

The following months there were regular, monthly tests in the hospital to establish the boy's further development. Fortunately, there was no more talk about taking the kidney out. However, the doctors were still considering an operation to improve the effectiveness of the one kidney: they wanted to wait for the baby to be a little stronger. This also gave us the opportunity to do some more HK work.

From check-up to check-up the doctors kept being astounded at the boy's improving condition. He was doing much better in every respect than they had anticipated. Much to their surprise, the oversize kidney was still working and the baby was gaining more weight than they had thought possible. At one point, about 9 weeks after birth, the pediatrician said that if he had not seen the test results at an earlier stage he would not believe that he was dealing with the same child. He could not believe that this baby ever had a kidney problem.

All this time, extremely diligently, the mother continued doing a set of exercises, including massaging meridian endpoints. The work we did together often included Energy Flow Balancing corrections in body positions which turned out to be the hospital test positions for the baby, undoing the stress that had been caused.

When the mother took the boy in for another regular check-up when he was 11 months old, the doctor shocked her by saying that he had decided not to wait any more but to do the operation as soon as possible. However, a few minutes later, after seeing the latest test results, there was no more mention of this. Instead, he only advised the mother to come back in 4 months. He did not even schedule any more tests in the meantime. Happy First Birthday!

By Rica Gerhardt 
First published in Tone Magazine, September 1996


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