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We often consider what the other people in our lives might think. We constantly guess and try to read their minds to find out what they want and how we can please them. However, what do we want? What makes us happy? "You can live a lifetime and at the end of it know more about other people than you know about yourself," I read in Simple Abundance, February 5, by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  It reminded me of Rabbi Zusya who once stated: "In the world to come I shall not be asked "Why were you not Moses?' I should be asked: ‘Why were you not Zusya?'."

We are not meant to follow orders and let other people decide what is good for us. Our life was meant to be a song of thanksgiving - daily appreciating the gifts that God gave us, making them flower, bringing them forth. We are all unique; there is room for all of us with our individual talents and abilities. Yet we tend to hide them, are afraid of showing them openly as if they were something to be ashamed of. Worst of all, we might even think that we are not good enough anyway. Wouldn't it be much better for all of us if we could buy into the words of  the little boy who innocently and with all possible conviction says:  "I know I am somebody ‘cause God don't make no junk!" Writer Brenda Ueland encourages us: "Since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of time, you are incomparable." Last but not least, Joseph Campbell affirms along the same line: "The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." 

However, we will only find out who we are if we go inside, by being in silence with ourselves so that we can listen to that little voice inside. We tend to live in a noisy world, tend to have action around us continuously. We feed, not necessarily nourish, our minds from the outside instead of listening to the inside. We are so out of touch with who we are, what is best for us, that we hand our power over to husbands, wives, bosses; the list is long. Their ideas govern our lives. We allow ourselves to be influenced by television and advertising for what we intellectually know is junk food. Yet we go for it, oblivious to the fact that it nurtures neither our bodies nor our minds, not to mention our souls.

How about making a commitment to nurture ourselves for the next four weeks, promising our Higher Self to celebrate Love-Myself-Month, and then just do it. The love of self has to be there before we can love anyone else, without strings attached. We need to make the transition from self-indulgence to self-respect and self-love.

Loving self, taking care of self might seem revolutionary or risky. Will the others still love me if I am so "selfish"? In Conversations with God part 2, we read: "Always you must put yourselves first.... Putting yourself first does not mean being what you term "selfish"- it means being self aware."(p.98) That puts a different twist to it, doesn't it?

According to Caroline Myss,  if we have the choice between a safe, low-risk road and a high-risk one, she advises us to go for the risky-looking path. She believes that then the Angels will be on our side. They take our decision as our way of showing openess to synchronicities, understanding them as God's way of communicating with us. In order to make irrational acts like coincidences and miracles happen, we need to trust (and demonstrate it) that God will provide, even on seemingly risky paths, particularly on those. All we have to do is ask.

In my own life I have experienced so many miracles, starting the minute when I stopped trying to please people (family in particular) by living the life that I thought they expected of me. Muscle testing has guided me since 1990 in the process of taking little steps at a time that made me realize more of my true potential. Or it would be more appropriate to say that it has revealed glimpses of my authentic self and helped me integrate it more and more into my daily life. Communicating with my Spirit-Mind-Body system via muscle testing has been an invaluable tool for me to find out or confirm what really serves me.  Being able to independently get in touch with my authentic self has been my most empowering experience so far.

There are days when I get caught up in the Kiki of my daily life, when I am not in touch with my authentic self. Yet the days when I allow the Reiki to flow, when my Higher Self can get through to me, I notice the difference. Do I ever! Those times I am truly happy, which, I believe, we are meant to be anyway. Only when I am happy inside, can I radiate love and happiness to the outside. Again I found confirmation in Simple Abundance (Jan.8): "Being happy, we sow anonymous benefit upon the world." 

Years ago, during my traveling, the following postcard "happened" to end up in my hands: "Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." The beauty of our authentic self just waits to be discovered. It reminds me of the farmer who sold his land to find happiness and wealth in some other place. After looking everywhere without success, he killed himself in desperation. In the meantime, the new owner of the farm discovered a diamond mine in his backyard. It had been there all along. (Simple Abundance, Jan.20).

We just need to open our inner eyes and ears to find the acre of diamonds inside each of us. Living our authentic self, looking for it, finding it in our daily life or despite daily life will do the trick. Or as Oscar Wilde put it: "To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance". Is it not high time that we all aimed for that?


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