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The Different Dimensions of Kinesiology

A lot of people relate to muscles and muscle strength when they hear the term "muscle testing." However, it is only vaguely related to the muscle system of the body. Yes, it does test a muscle, yet on such a subtle level that it has nothing to do with how strong the person is, how well the muscles are functioning or causing problems.

The procedure itself is fairly simple. The person being tested extends her/his arm out to the side or to the front and keeps it up against the pressure of the muscle testing facilitator. Depending, however, on how the energy flows in the body’s meridian system, the testee can or cannot hold her/his arm up. Place a small packet of sugar on the body or ask the person being tested to think of any kind of stressful situation such as an accident or an argument with their boss and their body is drained of vital life energy. That energy drain is revealed by their arm going ‘weak’, even if they thought they had dealt with the stress years ago. Strong men have been known to show the most surprising look on their faces when a female practitioner was easily able to push down their arm, particularly if the testing was done very gently, with no more than the pressure of two fingers.

If the energy flows in the body’s Spirit-mind-body system, the muscle will hold against the tester’s pressure. In case of any kind of energy blockage the muscle will give way against minimum pressure.

Everything is energy. A thought is energy. A memory carries energy with it. A past trauma has its own very different energy compared to being at ease, happy, relaxed, feeling one with the Creator and the universe and the people in our lives.

These various energies become obvious in how the muscle responds when tested. The person tested can think about something or someone and the body response will tell if the event or person creates stress for her/his Spirit-mind-body system. Thus, we can easily test what is harmful for us. More important, however, we can determine what is best and most beneficial for each of us individually.

On the physical level, muscle testing helps us reveal which foods nourish the body, which foods the body can just tolerate to a certain extent, or which foods cause an energy imbalance every time they enter the body. We then talk about allergies. Yet Kinesiology does not stop there. It also leads us to understand the different elements of the condition and then to do the energy work necessary to release it for good. We are not meant to suffer all life long.

Muscle testing leads us to which vitamins and minerals we would need to add for better performance of the body and how much of each supplement can be assimilated. We get guidance on the herbs, flower essences, essential oils etc. that would assist our healing process not only on the physical level, but also in the emotional realm. In short, with muscle testing we can find out whatever would help us with whatever we are going through. Its most important bonus is that the information is tailored to our very individual needs. It allows and emphasizes one of the most personal approaches available.

In an individual session, muscle testing guides us to the blockages that are hindering the flow of life energy. We find out what needs to be done to restore the natural flow of chi so that the body can heal itself. Particularly with long-term, chronic illness, muscle testing reveals the many multi-faceted pieces of the puzzle, tells us how many factors contribute to the present condition. Furthermore, we learn to work according to priorities in order to take full advantage of the body’s own healing mechanisms. If practitioners allow themselves to be guided to what the client’s Spirit-mind-body system determines to be the most important step in the healing process, the domino effect can take place. The first block will push the lower ones into place and cause a chain reaction. If, however, we started the treatment with something way down on the list, we would miss out on the domino dynamic. Therefore, we would not be able to access the body’s inner healing wisdom to the fullest. First things first!

On the emotional level, we get drawn to the stress factors that create the strongest energy disturbance. We also find out what the client can deal with or what s/he is ready to heal. The body knows best! Its own wisdom is far superior to all the book knowledge we could possibly come up with and apply with our rational minds.

Another advantage of getting in touch with body and universal wisdom via this technique is that in a lot of situations it allows a very smooth and pain-free process. Frequently, we do not need to go through all the pain of the past in order to release it. Being guided as to what to do and where to focus manifests in a very gentle procedure.

On the mental level, muscle testing allows us access to the limiting beliefs which we have been carrying around for years, often since our childhood or even from past lives. They have kept us stuck in habits and behavior patterns that don’t serve us any more now that we have decided to move ahead. They certainly prevent us from reaching our highest potential, keep us from living and enjoying life to the fullest. Just because somebody told us that we were not good enough when we were three years old, the memory inside our cell tissue gets activated ever so often and sabotages what we would like to accomplish today.

That does not mean, however, that we can’t do anything about it. Ask the body and we will receive an answer via muscle testing. Our Higher Self knows what we need in order to achieve our life’s purpose. On the spiritual level, muscle testing can be seen as a direct connection to our Higher Power, which gives us access to guidance in any area of our lives at any time. This also helps us look at the spiritual aspects of healing while assisting us in truly integrating body-mind-spirit. This dimension has been ignored for the longest time yet according to Carolyn Myss "victims never heal!" Muscle testing shows us where we are still stuck in blaming others for our life. It gives us clarity on who we need to forgive or who/what we’d better start appreciating more, so that we will make a leap ahead in our personal development.

This simple and risk-free, yet so incredibly powerful and effective technique can help us improve our job-related tasks and support us in the decision-making processes of our daily lives. Tapping into universal wisdom via muscle testing will guide us to a deeper sense of well-being, enabling us to feel more at peace with ourselves and others. This tool, which anybody can learn in a short period of time, connects us with Spirit and makes it easy for the lay person to access advice from that realm. We ask the questions and allow the body to clearly respond to them. Muscle testing empowers us to move from who we are to who we can and want to be.

One thing, however, needs to be remarked: although muscle testing can be exclusively used on the physical level, this tool is most helpful for those who are truly committed to their personal growth, wanting to integrate Spirit-Mind-Body. Change is often regarded as something frightening, yet muscle testing frequently coaxes us to look at exactly those areas in our lives that need a new perspective. Asking for guidance via muscle testing, our Higher Self will draw our attention to whatever change we would benefit from most, acknowledging at the same time what we are able to handle. We will not be faced or guided into what we cannot deal with. Muscle testing includes that safety catch since the suggestions are channeled directly from our Higher Source.


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