"It's a Miracle in a Bottle!"

Rica's experience with Victoria 

When Victoria told me about her health concerns for the first time, she was rubbing the painful joint of her right middle finger. It was visibly swollen and painful to touch, also severely restricted in movement. For the past 3 years or so she hadn’t been able to close her fist at all. On top of that, her right thumb was hurting and “clicking” every time she bent it.

Less than a week on Cell Wellness Restorer changed things around. I had given her a bottle on Thursday night (November 22, 2001), and when I met her again the following Monday she was ecstatic! Not only had the pain disappeared but best of all she had recovered full range of motion: she could easily clench her fist for the first time in a long time, which she enthusiastically demonstrated again and again. Her husband who had been able to feel the clicking of her thumb testified that the joint felt very different. Thankfully, no more pain there, either! Her husband had also rubbed CWR on his wrist and arthritic elbow. Being a sceptic he still thought that there was some improvement and less pain as well.

After a bath on Saturday night Victoria felt so utterly relaxed that all she wanted to do was crawl into bed; which she did to find out she “could sleep like a baby.” She said, “ I don’t know how to describe the feeling. It was as if something was enveloping my whole body, as if I was completely surrounded by something so smooth and sooo relaxing! My body felt all cozy and comfortably heavy. An incredible feeling! It’s a miracle in a bottle and I have guarded what was left. So my husband can only have a bath once I have a new bottle. It’s something I want to have stocked in my closet; I don’t want to run out.” 

Rica's experience with Elizabeth

One day, a friend’s mother, who I had only met in person 9 years ago, called me from Sherbrooke, Que, and asked if I could send her a bottle. Unbeknownst to me, my friend had sent her copies of my copies and Elizabeth felt drawn to try it out. However, she never told me the exact reason in that first phone call. A few weeks later, I received her lovely thank you card in the mail: “I don’t know what is happening or how it is working. I guess, I don’t have to understand but my legs are back to normal.” Needless to say. I was intrigued . I phoned her up to get a few more details and learned that her legs had been all swollen and blue and purple. However, she didn’t want to see a doctor and had taken her daughter’s letter as an answer to her prayers. So she diligently had kept rubbing CWR on her legs, amazed at the results, even before finishing the first bottle.
Here is an email that I received directly from Elizabeth on Dec 3, 2000. 
While in a bath with the "cell wellness" earlier tonight, I knew that I needed to tell you about my experiences and.....paff.....there was your letter! I have and still am going through a time of seriousconcentration and withdrawal... That is why you did not hear from me sooner........Indeed I have had good results with the product, (in my case) rubbing it straight from the bottle on to my legs. I had a rather "angry" lower leg, with swollen vein, red and hot.......After rubbing it on I would let it dry and then repeat I was pleasantly surprised to see after a short while, that the leg looked normal again.....I cannot say, that there is total healing, but at least I can keep it under control inthis way. On the other leg, there was bad discoloration(also veins, but no swelling), and following the same method, the blue's and purple's have nearly disappeared........So "BRAVO" to whoever deserves it !

When a friend of hers shared with her that she wasn’t feeling too great, Elizabeth gave her the info material. So a short while later I received another surprise phone call from someone who I had never met before, asking for CWR. Again, I didn’t inquire why, just made sure Susanne received a shipment of 4. A few weeks later, another phone call, this time very enthusiastic: ”Could you, please, send me some more, I don’t want to run out. I am feeling so much better.” This lady then explained that she had been feeling terrible for quite some time, low on energy, aching all over, at the end of her ropes, not knowing what to do next. CWR had helped her recharge her batteries.

Rica's personal experience

The first time I noticed myself that Cell Wellness Restorer was doing something extraordinary was after a seminar in the States. I had come home at 3 o’clock in the morning; my daughter had crawled into my bed at 6; the busy day went by in a blur. By mid-afternoon I had no idea how I would manage to make it to an evening meeting that I really wanted to attend. I felt like a zombie, ready to drop into bed for a sleep around the clock. I finally rubbed some CWR all over my body, let it soak in for about 15 minutes and then showered it off. I couldn’t believe the difference it made! It was as if a lightbulb had been turned on I felt completely refreshed, full of energy. No question that I could attend the meeting. I was still going strong at 11pm. What an energizer!

If it hadn’t been for Dr Norman Shealy’s photo on the front page of Partner’s Magazine July 2000 I still wouldn’t know about CWR. An AIM distributor had faxed me initial information about 4 months prior yet I had discarded it as another sales pitch. Yet here was one of my favorite teachers holding a bottle of that ‘stuff’. Obviously endorsing it whole-heartedly, his photo made me pay attention since I had taken several workshops with him. Not only did I value and trust his judgement, I most of all was totally convinced of his integrity. Having listened to his incredible wisdom and insights I knew that he knew what he was doing. So I figured this was something worthwhile exploring. I started to study Norm’s research and share my growing enthusiasm, as well as copies of available material, with friends and clients.

Sharing some of the feedback I got with friends one day, Lori Nichols Davies (Carleton Place, Ontario) turned to me and said:”You can add another success story to your list. I’ve been rubbing CWR on the wart on my thumb. I’d had it for years, tried all kinds of ways to get rid of it but nothing worked. Now it is gone. One morning it just fell off. CWR did the trick!”

Talking with my parents one day, my Dad added along the same lines:”When I think about it, your mother had all these little dark spots on her back. Every morning for the past months we have rubbed each other’s backs with CWR. Now I don’t see these spots there anymore. They have disappeared. Her back has improved 200%.” 

December 17, 2001 I received a brief but very inspiring email message from Donna Munro (Almonte, Ontario):
"An elderly friend (82) of ours gets bad bouts with sciatica. He was really bad lately so I gave him a bottle of the Cell Wellness. The next time I saw him he was smiling and said "that stuff really works". He is walking again without a cane."

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