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Rica's experience with a client

Friday, November 2, 2001 - the friend of a dear friend was calling to make an appointment. Since we had never met before she anxiously asked me if I could make sure that there was no smell in my office. Of that I could assure her, as well as of the fact that, thanks to the radiant floor heating system in our home, there would be no dust whirling around with forced air heating. The Wednesday that she came for her first session my husband cooperated nicely by excluding fried eggs and bacon, garlic or other food from his diet that might linger in the air.

As I learnt that day, not only did Catherine suffer from chemical sensitivities but plenty of food allergies, and most of all from excruciating pain for the past six years. Her facial neuralgia was so bad that she had taped 6 magnets to her face to be able to stand the pain. Her healing journey had been an intense search, faithfully trying whatever might offer relief.

Before she left feeling renewed hope, I told her about Cell Wellness Restorer that had helped a lot of people. I shared with her how my cleaning lady came back after last year’s Xmas, very excited that it would help with arthritis in her shoulder and right arm. “Do I ever notice the difference on the days when I don’t rub it on,” Diane had said after a couple of weeks.

So Catherine left with a bottle, accompanied by information material on the product and a tape including an interview with Dr Norman Shealy and testimonials. Two days later, the phone rang. It was Catherine, very excitedly sharing her improvement. She had taken her first bath that same night, experiencing so much energy that she stayed up most of the night. So she knew then that something was working. Two more baths on Thursday: “I am feeling so much better, have so much more energy. I want some more bottles because my husband wants to use it now, too."

The first thing I noticed on Saturday: no more magnets on her face. The pain was gone.

Next time I saw her it was exactly one week after her first bath. Her whole energy felt different; there was spunk in her eyes, and the list of changes she gave me couldn’t have been more satisfying. She had been able to go without magnets all these days. Sciatica pain and numbness in the back of her right leg had disappeared. Two days that week she had been able to go strong all day and still have energy to make dinner at night, something she hadn’t experienced for years. Her cleaning lady had remarked she hadn’t looked that well in the two years that she had known her. Friends visiting inquired what she had been up to, asking for the secret recipe and inspired were leaving with a bottle of the ‘magic oil’ for themselves.

“I am noticing changes that I have been looking for over the past six years, and nothing would do it. Most of all relief from the constant pain. I was taking three different pain medications. From ten to eleven pills per day I am down to four. I was taking three Fiorinal a day and I have had three all week. From two Demerol a day I have had two all of this week.”

Armed with more bottles and the determination to continue her two baths each day she left, feeling that she could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Gratitude!

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