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Always looking for ways of how to serve their clients better, several natural health practitioners in the Ottawa area have recently ventured into ground-breaking new technology, presenting a relatively unknown machine: the Ioncleanse. This hydro therapy device, also called Aqua Chi, provides a non-invasive and relaxing wellness treatment which enhances the body’s ability to heal itself. Painless and energizing all at once, this technique combines the life giving properties of water with a specialized bio electric charge, thus amplifying the body's own healing mechanisms.

The healing properties of water have been known for ages. Since ancient times, people have bathed in water from mineral springs, especially hot springs, because of its supposed therapeutic value for rheumatism, arthritis, skin diseases, and various other ailments. Many such springs have become sites for health spas and resorts; some of the most famous are Bath in England or Baden-Baden in Germany.

The Aqua Chi machine bridges the distance to these places of healing and allows people to bathe in their own naturally charged hot spring in the Ottawa Valley. No long distance travel necessary! It is very simple: just like bathing in a natural spring, you place your feet in the convenience of a warm footbath.

Energized water is an important missing link to healing. We frequently forget that healing requires energy and that people will only heal if they have enough energy to do so! By energizing the life-giving properties of water with a specialized electric charge, people’s meridian systems are re-balanced and re-aligned with their energy fields while soaking their feet. If we spend our life force energy on coping with stress, the resulting tension will make healing and well-being rather difficult. Relaxation is a first necessary step.

As the energy level in the cells increases, the body detoxifies itself. Since toxins are positively charged they are attracted to the negative charge of the energized water. Together with foreign substances like parasites they are expelled into the water, making its color change, often turn a dirty brown.

Less toxins in the body result in a stronger, healthier immune system. The army, navy and air forces of our bodies can then in turn deal effectively with invaders like viruses and bacteria or combat and clean up cancerous cells. Live blood analysis can show the difference before and after, when blood cells are less clumped together. Fascinating, how easy detox can be! At the same time relax, soak your feet and know that you will boost your immune system and help your body do the healing.

By Rica Gerhardt
First published in Tone Magazine, December 2004

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