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As we live in an environment of pollution, ingest toxins with our food (preservatives, artificial colors and flavors etc.) or produce toxins internally by not digesting our food properly, detoxification is a priority for good health. Now modern technology has made it easy with the Aqua Chi machine, also called ionic footbath. You soak your feet and relax, listen to music, read a book, watch tv ... while the body is allowed to do its work of detoxifying and dumping toxins into the water. Clear water that you started out with turns into the most interesting colors of brown, green, even black ...

More info on detoxification
Lori Nichols Davies of The Holistic Cooking School of Canada (Carleton Place, Ontario) said in one of her newsletters: "Do you need more energy? Detoxify with Ionic footbaths! In a series of thirty-minute ionic footbaths, toxins like metal, worms, Candida overgrowth, are drawn out from the largest pores in the body – the feet! It is the most effective way to detoxify, and nicer than colonics, though both are recommended. With footbaths, we are not working with just the colon but also toxins are drawn out of your liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lungs, and brain. It is necessary to drink lots of plain, good, pure water. Lymphs need sweating exercises and scratching, trampolines and footbaths. Doctors say we need one footbath for every year we have lived. In the corner of your footbath is a little ionic black box. In thirty minutes, the clear water changes to orange, or brown, black, or green, as toxins, parasites, and tiny fragments of metal come out into your footbath. There is no bleeding as the tiny metal fragments come out. Footbaths remove migraines, MS, Candida, brain fog, and brown spots. A woman I met in Topeka Kansas had taken two footbaths a week for 18 weeks. Now her MS is gone. She understands now that her MS developed by working with metals in a factory. Do you know anyone working with metal or gas? Anyone in the automobile industry, a hairdresser, a cosmetic consultant or manufacturer, even your dentist, benefits most by ionic footbaths. It is important to remove metals and chemicals to keep our blood clean. Detoxification saves lives." 
You can reach Lori at (613) 253-7390

Detoxification can be fun
It may be hard to believe that it can be so simple. Some things need to be experienced...  
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