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Who is Jo Dunning?

Who is Jo Dunning?

Jo has often been called the “miracle worker” – you will understand if you read on...
Former computer systems designer and Senior Liaison with the U.S. Air Force Space Command, Gregg Braden, wrote about Jo in his book, The Isaiah Effect (pp 31-33), after witnessing the following scene:
Beyond Science, Religion, and Miracles
"... Only moments before, I had noticed the elderly gentleman as I strolled across the parking lot toward the seaside restaurant. ... His stainless-steel walker preceded each step, securing a stable position from which he could shuffle through his next movement.
Suddenly the rhythm changed. Unexpectedly, he had reached a curb that dropped six inches or so, to the surface at street level. In slow motion, I watched as his walker rocked with uncertainty, tipped, then crashed onto the asphalt, still hot from the relentless daytime sun. The man, confidently gripping the handles of his companion device, crumpled into a heap on top of it. He lay there motionless. Like a surrealistic voyeur, I stood motionless, in the street. Silent. Witnessing... terrifying screams from the man's wife. "Help us!"...
Within seconds I was beside them in the street. As quickly as I had moved, however, I was not the first. In my silent witnessing, I had not noticed anyone nearby, nor had I seen anyone approach. Already kneeling at the fallen man's side, however, cradling his head in her lap, was another woman. A zigzag trail of red glistened along the base of the man's head, just below his ear. Gently she tilted his body in the overhead light, searching for the source of blood. In the faint glow of lobby lights from the restaurant, I could see the folds of his skin, overlapping one another, hiding whatever injury was at the source of the bleeding.
Carefully the woman separated each fold until she found the wound. The blood took on an odd color in the glare of the mercury vapor street light overhead. At first it looked like another layer of skin. Then I could see a darker place, a deep shimmer, as she parted the fold. Without saying a word, the woman touched the broken tissue, then began to stroke the wound as if she were petting a tiny animal. I looked into her face. Her eyes were closed as she tilted her head upward toward the sky. Seeing the incident from inside the restaurant, a group of people had gathered around us. Except for an occasional whisper from someone just arriving, not one word was spoken. The entire crowd stood motionless and quiet, as if a silent cue had been given. Later that evening, some of the onlookers said that they had sensed a kind of sacredness in that moment. Some went so far as to suspect that a holy act was occurring.
Together, we were entranced by what we saw. At first we were uncertain what was happening. While our senses suggested one thing, our logic dictated something else. There, in the poorly lit parking lot of this little restaurant, I witnessed what modern science would consider a miracle. In full view of a dozen or so witnesses, as the woman silently stroked the tear in the man's flesh, it began to disappear. Within moments his wound had healed without any trace of injury from his fall just moments earlier.
Someone in the restaurant had called 911, and the paramedics arrived within moments. As their flashing lights signaled their arrival, the crowd separated, allowing the attendants into the small circle where the man was still lying in the woman's lap. Still cradling the man's head and shoulders, the woman made room for the EMT. We watched as he examined the bloodstains on the man's shirt. Expertly the technician traced them to the back of the fallen man's head, then to the place just below his ear. Just as the woman had done moments earlier, the paramedic carefully separated the folds of skin where blood had pooled. To the amazement of the paramedic and the awe of the onlookers, there was no wound. The blood seemed to have just appeared at a point on the elderly man's neck, run its course, and spilled onto the collar of his shirt. There was no trace of wound, opening, or scar. Still wet on the man's skin, the blood appeared to have no source! The questions flashed into my mind as I watched: How was this possible? In the presence of a science so advanced that it can peer into the world of an atom and build machines that travel to the edge of our galaxy, why does the same science consider the healing that I had just witnessed a miracle ?”

As you may have guessed by now: the woman was Jo Dunning!

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