Antioxidant Power

Free Radical Protection

AIM Proancynol 2000 is a combination of seven different antioxidants that work together for optimal free radical protection.

  • green tea extract
  • rosemary extract
  • grape seed extract
  • N–acetylcysteine
  • alpha-lipoic acid
  • lycopene
  • selenium

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Rica's comment:

The first time this antioxidant caught my attention was at a gathering in Texas when the presenter was sharing her experience. Janet had heard about Proancynol helping with jetlag so she wanted to give it a try on her flight to South Africa. Very pleased she noticed its effectiveness.
To her absolute amazement, though, she also noticed something else: her persistent cough had disappeared in the process. She had been unable to shake this hacking cough for several weeks, trying everything she could imagine. Taking a megadose of Proancynol three capsules every three hours to prevent jetlag had cured the cough in one fell swoop. She finished her talk saying, she had heard of many people getting sick on flights but she had never heard of anyone getting well!
Her story stuck with me and got indelibly registered in my brain. So when, back home, a friend mentioned this terrible cough of hers that she had caught on her trip to Scandinavia a few weeks prior, my bells were ringing. I shared Janet's experience with her so Aud decided to also experiment with Proancynol. Following Janet's dosage she was feeling well within a couple of days. Again Proancynol had helped in a situation where all other kinds of cough medicines didn't do it.
Since then the same scenario has been repeated with several different people, completely convincing me that Proancynol is offering powerful antioxidant support for speedy recovery and, even better, as preventative measures.


As we protect our cars from rust, we need to protect our bodies from free radical damage. Free radicals are the rust that damage the cells of the body.

The security agency of the body is its immune system. It is the army that protects from invaders like bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. The immune system is a unique system that cannot be traced like the nervous system. Just as you don’t see the wind but notice the leaves moving, the immune system is in every cell, prepared to do battle, safeguard the cell from invasion and to destroy the enemy.

Its task is to recognize the enemy and then attack. However, due to a number of lifestyle factors and choices we make, our army is there but it is asleep in the barracks.

75 trillion cells are all working together in our bodies. They are the building blocks, the basic living units of the body. As much as we care about a strong foundation for our house, we also need to ensure we have "strong" cells for good health.

I like the following analogy that emphasizes the importance of healthy cells. During the Civil War, a message had to be delivered to a general that would have changed the outcome of the battle. However, the battle was lost because one nail of the horse’s shoe was loose. The shoe fell off, and the messenger was late since he had to walk part of the way.

Each cell in the body is one of those nails of the horse's shoe; if one nail comes loose, the other nails can’t hold the shoe forever. If cells are polluted and can’t function or are unnaturally destroyed, other cells have to take over. As the cells go, so do the organs and tissues, eventually resulting in dis-ease.

Our best defense is to reactivate our army and strengthen the immune system. We can do that by considering good food, enough sleep and exercise, adequate stress management, and most of all by avoiding those things that weaken the body’s energies and diminish immune function.

The seven ingredients of AIM Proancynol 2000:
  • green tea extract(decaffeinated)
    - 10 times more effective at neutralizing free radicals than vitamin C
    - 25 times more effective than vitamin E
    - supports increase of white blood cells, the "foot soldiers" of the immune system army.
  • rosemary extract
    - enhances the activity of enzymes that can detoxify carcinogenes
  • grape seed extract
    - 20 times more powerful than vitamin C
    - 50 times more powerful than vitamin E
    - anti-mutagenic (inhibiting the mutation of DNA)
    - supports healthy skin by protecting collagen and elastin
  • N–acetylcysteine
    - helps break up mucus, especially in lung tissue
    - helps protect against flu and flulike symptoms
    - supports the body to naturally create its own antioxidant, glutathione
  • alpha-lipoic acid 
    - special feature: it is both water-soluble and fat-soluble
    - therefore it can access all parts of our cells
    - therefore it can destroy free radicals throughout the entire cell
    - an anti-aging substance
  • lycopene 
    - twice as effective as beta carotene
    - 100 times more effective than vitamin E
  • selenium
    - an antioxidant mineral

Not only does each individual component contain powerful antioxidants, their synergistic effect makes for the difference! They extend each others’ lives and increase each others’ potency.

Anybody interested in overall good health and a healthy immune system would benefit from taking AIM Proancynol 2000, especially people living or working in polluted environments, smokers and athletes. Yes, extensive exercise creates free radicals.

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