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Success with Law of Attraction 
Angelika's Success Story
After the first study group Angelika came to the next gathering beaming, waving a piece of paper in her hands. She kept repeating: "I got it! I got it!" She informed us that "it" was her new house. Following the principles we had discussed a few weeks earlier, she  was convinced that Law of Attraction had helped her find the house she wanted. It all fit: price, location, floor plan, good condition, backyard for her cats... She was thrilled, to say the least!


Elizabeth's Success Story

Two months ago I was feeling in the pits. I hated going to work; I felt awful about my workplace and utterly unappreciated by everyone there; the pay wasn’t enough, either...I was thinking of changing jobs but didn’t know what to look for.

A one-on-one healing session with Rica guided me to look at my deeper, underlying issues. What muscle testing revealed was that I didn’t really appreciate myself and that I perceived myself and my work as not being good enough. A memory of an event that happened when I was four years old was blocking my vision of brilliant organizational skills and needed to be released. Rica gently encouraged me to change the way I was looking at things so that the things around me could change.

Feeling very much lighter after the session I also decided to join Rica’s Law of Attraction study group the following week.

Four weeks later I could report to the other group members that things indeed had changed. I was feeling so much better about my work place and my co-workers. After realizing that I had given a lot of attention to the lack of money I changed my focus to appreciating whatever abundance there was in my life. Within a short while I had the opportunity to speak up and ask my boss for $$$ instead of the free days that were offered in exchange for weekend hours. That felt good!

Two months later I was called into the office. Completely taken by surprise, I was unprepared for the tirade of appreciation given to me by my boss: how much they appreciated the work I had done... how much they loved the way I had organized special events... and that they wanted to give me this HUGE bonus.....and a huge raise!

As if that wasn’t enough, when I went back to my desk, everyone else in the office was thrilled and expressed their appreciation of me and their relief at hearing I was staying on.

I am loving my life! And especially loving that now when I start to think about the negative things, I stop and give thanks that I can immediately notice the negative, and then choose to change my behavior. Now I usually chuckle to myself, look up and say a great big THANK YOU for all that I have. I am truly blessed!

Elizabeth Macdonald-Bozzi, Nov 3/05

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