Feedback on PrepZymes
I must tell you a quick story about a severe allergic reaction I had and how I think the AIM products (the digestive enzymes one) and a story I remembered you having told me helped me out!

I had been using a new face cream I purchased that contained a high percentage of glycolic acid. After 8 days of putting it on morning and night - I suddenly found myself with a severe rash on my left cheek and around my left eye. It continued to get redder and redder and then it started swelling. The swelling was so intense and immediate that it really alarmed me. I was completely disfigured by it and the pressure on my ocular nerves was really strong. I was waiting it out (I've had similar things that pass with time...just not this severe) but then the next night I was up at about 4am to go to the bathroom and lo and behold the OTHER eye and cheek were starting to swell. I was feeling panicked by now and then I remembered what you told me about a guy working out at a farm or something who got stung by wasps or bees and had a big allergic reaction. I think you said he went indoors and the fellow who lived there gave him a handful of Prepzymes and in one hour the swelling had gone down considerably and the fellow could go back outside and continue working. Well - I immediately popped a dozen of the Prepzymes and you know what? The right side of my face didn't progress into anything. I feel certain that had I not taken the capsules, the right side would have continued to swell to the same degree the left side had and I would have had to go to the hospital.

Anyway - it's anecdotal, I know, because it was just my impression that the right side would have swelled right out...but I really believe that the Prepzymes saved the day on that because I was able to take them immediately before the swelling got really bad. I felt like they were able to destroy the histamines on the right side before they took hold and caused any damage.
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