Enzymes are the heroes of the body. Simply put, we cannot live without them.

Enzymes are essential to

  • digest food
  • stimulate the brain
  • provide cellular energy
  • repair all tissues, organs, and cells.

The following story underlines the importance of enzymes.

During the Civil War a rider was sent to a general with an important message that would have changed the outcome of the battle. However, one nail of the horse’s shoe came loose so the messenger had to walk. His message reached the general too late and the battle was lost.

Each cell of the body represents a nail of the horseshoe. Enzymes are the spark plugs within each cell that start the necessary chemical reactions to keep our bodies functioning!

Unfortunately, most people don’t consume enough enzymes in their diets. Over-processing and the heat of cooking food destroy these important particles at 118 F.

As a consequence, the following chain reaction ensues:

  • foods are not well-digested
  • they remain in the stomach to rot and putrefy
  • resulting in build up of waste in the colon
  • the decay of this fecal matter produces toxins
  • the toxins eventually seep through the colon wall
  • the toxins are distributed throughout the body
  • health problems show up such as: constipation/ stomach bloating/ poor digestion/ gas/ fatigue/ weight gain/ weight loss/ headaches/ and other symptoms....

On the other hand, the more food enzymes we take in, the longer and better our digestive systems can function, and the healthier we can be. 

Dr Edward Howell, author of "Enzyme Nutrition. The Food Enzyme Concept" and "Food Enyzmes for Health and Longevity" theorizes that we are given a limited amount of enzymes at birth and that it is up to each one of us to replenish this supply.

We can do this by eating more raw foods that have their own enzymes unique to the particular food.  According to Humbart Santillo, "Food Enzymes: The Missing Link to Radiant Health"  these raw food enzymes digest 5 to 75 percent of the foods themselves without the help of other enzymes. Eating foods with 'live enzymes' helps us use less of our 'in-house' enzymes for digesting foods, thus leaving them available for important repairs.

Another way of stocking up on enzymes is by taking digestive enzymes, especially with our cooked food. A good, full spectrum enzyme supplement provides

  • protease to digest protein
  • amylase to digest carbohydrates
  • lipase to digest fats and oils
  • cellulase to digest dietary fiber
  • lactase to digest dairy products
  • sucrase to digest white sugar and to complement amylase
  • maltase to digest malt sugars and grains.

In addition to all of these, AIM’s PrepZymes offer special features:

  • PrepZymes contain cultured enzymes that have a wide ph range 2.0 to 12.0

In comparison, a lot of other brands use pancreatic enzymes from animal sources that require an alkaline ph environment of 7.5 to work properly. However, the ph of the stomach is acidic at below 6.0, so predigestion is impossible.

  • PrepZymes also contain the papain of papaya leaf, which supports protein digestion and is helpful for people with low hydrochloric acid.
  • PrepZymes further contain Alpine wild garlic, which aids in digestion and provides antioxidants to heal metabolic damage.

Rica's comment:

Adding food enzymes to my diet, to me is like putting $$$ into my bank account at least once in a while vs. continuously taking money out and ending up in overdraft.

What sold me on AIM's PrepZymes vs. other digestive enzymes were the following insights and experiments.

The first time that I got interested in AIM PrepZymes was after listening to formulator Michael O’Brien telling one of his success stories with them. He had been called to help Dr Bernhard Jensen, who, at age 85 was on his deathbed. The doctors had no hope for recovery, and the family had said their good-byes. Only Dr Jensen’s wife hadn’t accepted the death sentence and asked the expert on enzymes if he could think of anything to swing things around. And Michael O’Brien did! Together they fed the patient mega amounts of PrepZymes and Florafood, friendly bacteria for the colon, and week after week they could witness improvement. The result: Dr Bernhard Jensen lived for many more years.

The second time I was in awe of AIM PrepZymes, was after an experiment in my kitchen. I made oatmeal porridge and let it sit for a while until it became a big, gooey blob. Then I divided it up into 100 gram portions to see how different digestive enzymes would deal with it. I added 1/8 cup water with each enzyme, the way we would take them orally.

The results were truly amazing. Within an hour the capsule of PrepZymes started to dissolve. Overnight it transformed the blob of porridge into a greenish liquid. The other enzyme in caplet form was still sitting on top of the porridge.

I was so excited I took the containers to a Thursday morning meeting to show to friends. Then I forgot them in the car. When I cleaned out the car at the weekend, I had another peek into the containers. As could be expected, the green liquid was still the same; the other container still displayed oatmeal in only a minor amount of liquid.

Since then I have done the same experiment several times with different enzymes. Every time a friend mentioned s/he was taking digestive enzymes I asked for a sample. So far I have tried out nine different ones. The outcome was always the same: none surpassed AIM PrepZymes!

After my very first experience I started to use see-through containers to avoid the accompanying smell and to watch the procedure in process. PrepZymes always did the job faster and more intensely than its competitors. There were three brands coming close to the final product, however, they took a bit more time than PrepZmes. The others never really completed the job, not even given nearly one week to do so.

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