Balancing Body Energy Workshop

Whole Body Health -Healthier than flu shots
- and more effective, too!

Keep it simple - and yet be extremely powerful! It only takes a little time and effort to learn and integrate techniques that will enhance your energy system on a deep level. A few minutes a day purposefully spent can give your immune system a boost and keep you healthy, even if people around you ‘catch a cold’.
Is one of your challenges “to better take care of yourself”? This hands- on workshop can be your next step to achieve exactly that!

Health Kinesiology as part of Energy Medicine focuses on treating causes instead of & can assist you in eliminating allergies.

Muscle testing connects with your body’s innate intelligence, which knows what is needed to heal emotionally, spiritually & physically. Using this tool, we will visually demonstrate the effect of physical substances & emotional states of mind on your body computer system.
Find out how different balancing techniques shift your energy.

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