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Teresa Schumacher is a Certified Nutritionist & Iridologist who as worked in the health field in the US & Europe for more than 40 years. She is of Italian descent, in her late 70s, has literally helped thousands of people, a lot of them in the most serious conditions imaginable, some nearly dying. People have got out of wheelchairs, could leave oxygen tanks behind, avoided amputations, outlived their doctors prognosis of doom & death for many happy years. Most of them are still going strong, full of gratitude & praise for the woman who helped them. Teresa’s secret: identifying Candida & educating & coaching her clients to good bowel health. Death begins in the colon, and so does the journey back to health.

After having had the privilege of studying with her in Nevada, Rica is thrilled to be able to share with you some of the wealth of information she had to offer.

Don’t diet – detoxify!!

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Balancing Body Energy

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