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Increase Your Health and Energy!

In fun and interactive workshops Rica assists you in understanding how a multitude of elements in your living environment weaken your immune system and contribute to lack of energy and disease. You will gain greater awareness of what YOU can do on a daily basis to identify and resolve stress factors in your life.

You will learn effective techniques that can easily be integrated both at work and at home for greater balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Following a powerful plan of simple steps you can boost your immune system, improve your vitality and the way you feel about yourself, your family, co-workers and life in general.

Usually one-day events.

However, if you have a group of friends duration can be tailored to your wishes.

Making the Law of Attraction Work For You!

Rica is excited to share this eye-opening information with you on how YOU influence what’s happening in your life. Understand how the universal Law of Attraction brings into your life whatever you focus on and give your energy to. Learn simple tools so you can intentionally create your desired reality and fly with it.

For daytime and evening study groups as well as half day or full day events,
contact rica@wellbeingisyours.com or call 613-257-8362.

Law of Attraction Study Groups

Whole Body Health

Healing Spa PlayDay

Detoxification Workshop

Balancing Body Energy

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