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In the Fall of 2002 we noticed that our 8 year old collie dog named Lassie was starting to limp. The joint on her right leg just above the paw was swollen and tender to the touch.

Lassie has always taken extreme pride in having a back yard free of squirrels, she simple chased them up one of our many trees. The day that I realized just how painful her leg was, was when I noticed her standing on our deck staring down at a squirrel at the bottom of the steps. Normally Lassie would have been down the stairs in a flash and the squirrel would be up the tree. On this day she chose not go down the steps and I realized that it was just too painful for her.

I wanted to be sure of what the problem was, so our veterinarian took an X-ray and drew some fluid out for testing. The diagnosis was either going to be a tumor or arthritis. I am happy to say it was arthritis. The vet said there wasn’t a lot that could be done but to try glucosamine and if that didn’t work, then there were some drugs we could give her.

Since that day in October 2002 we have been giving Lassie 1 teaspoon of BarleyLife and 4 Frame Essentials daily. I decided to give her 4 Frame Essentials per day for 3 months and then reduce to 2 per day for maintenance. I am writing this in February of 2003. Lassie is now 9 years old and is running around like a puppy. The squirrels are in big trouble! She is able to go up and down stairs with no problem and the swelling in the leg is receding. Her leg can also be touched with no problem.

I believe that the nutrition and the chlorophyll in the BarleyLife relieved the inflammation. The Frame Essentials has further helped the mobility in her joint. Her overall health is wonderful and her coat is soft and shiny.

Lassie always comes on camping trips with us and I was wondering how she would manage getting in and out of our motorhome this year, but it won’t be a problem.

Darlene Vandermey, Elora, ON

Our six-year-old lab-mix dog, Mac, had developed a tumor on his right elbow. The veterinarian wanted to do surgery to remove it as soon as possible. She was concerned that because of its size, she would have to remove too much skin, which would make the healing very difficult. We were leaving for a week long vacation, so I asked her if we could wait until I got back. As
soon as I returned, I made sure that Mac, 75 pounds, got ½ tsp. of BarleyLife a day. He preferred to take it with some food. In less than 3 weeks, the tumor, which prior to the BarleyLife had split open and looked horrible, had shrunk down to nothing. Mac is continuing to get his BarleyLife every day. He's a happy dog. I am a happy dog owner and have more money in my account by avoiding a large surgery bill.

Sandy Combs- Crescent City, Florida (October 2002)

Addition as of 27-02-2003 by Rica: I just met Sandy at a conference. When they forgot to give Mac his BarleyLife, the tumor came back with a vengeance. It took double the amount twice/ day to see it go. In the tumult of hosting a wedding at their house, they again forgot his BarleyLife. He only went 3 days without it and the tumor came back three times the size. It took one teaspoon twice/day to get it under control. So at the conference Sandy kept phoning her husband to remind him.


A thirteen-year-old dog named Rufus was having arthritis that caused him to cry as he got up and stretched himself in the morning. His eyesight was poor and his kidneys were unable to function properly. The vet said if Rufus did not respond to more antibiotics he should be put to sleep.

Two weeks after we started adding one teaspoon of green barley powder to Rufus’ water, he seemed greatly improved in every way. I saw him for the first time after four weeks and he was jumping outdoors in play with a two-year-old German shepherd his own size and weight. Rufus was holding his own with the much younger animal.

Trenton, N.J.

Duke, our 170 pound Great Dane, had fallen upon hard times. He loved all of us but we could not tolerate him coming close because of his bad breath. His teeth and diet were checked, yet daily the poor dog became more unbearable. It took a lot of green tablets to do the job, but after a few days of chewing 6 tablets of green barley that he loved better than any other treat, his bad breath cleared completely.
Larchmont, N.Y.

Barney, our dog, had a growth on his head the size of a large pea which had been there for two years. I took him to the dog groomer to get him clipped and pointed out this growth so that they wouldn’t shear it off. When I picked him up, the top had been clipped right off and it was an awful mess and he continually scratched it. I had heard a tape on green barley where it was suggested to experiment, so I made a thick paste of green barley and applied it to the wound. Barney never scratched again and lo and behold, after three weeks the growth disappeared and all that is left is scar tissue the size of a grain of rice.

Toronto, Ontario

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