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Poppet was getting old, but she was still the frolicsome friendly puss that everyone loved. Her sweet nature didn’t even change when something began to go terribly wrong with her hip joints. The diagnosis was elusive, and before long she was dragging her useless hindquarters along the floor behind her. Naturally, her family was at its wits end, not wanting to put her to sleep, especially since she was perfectly healthy in every other way. Just as the unthinkable began to look inescapable, someone suggested to try green barley. They started her on 1/4 teaspoon a day, and results were spectacular. The day I met Poppet she had been taking green barley for one week, and it was hard to imagine she had been sick at all. As for her family, they were very relieved, and couldn’t praise green barley enough.

Bethany, Oklahoma


Streaker, the family cat was dying. He had contracted peritonitis, and at the rather advanced age (for a cat) of 12 years, it just didn’t look like he was going to pull through. There he lay, looking miserable, with his hair coming out in handfuls. He couldn’t keep anything down, so he was literally wasting away. At this critical point, someone at work gave us some green barley powder for him. I didn’t know if he could keep it down, but at this stage I was willing to try anything. It ws obvious that we would have to have him put to sleep soon otherwise, as there was nothing else the doctor could do. When I got home I mixed up a small dose in his water. After a while he dragged himself over to his water dish and drank it. We all held our breaths, since so much of what had gone down had come right back up recently, but he held it down.

I mixed him up some more in the morning, a little stronger, and he kept that down, too. Not only that, but he really seemed to perk up a little. The next day when I came home, he actually met me at the door and followed me into the kitchen. He eyed his empty water dish and looked up at me. It took a while, but Streaker made ti. New hair grew in, and his energy and spunk returned day by day.

The rest of the family started taking green barley, too. I guess we figured if that’s what it can do for a nearly dead cat, I sure want to see what it can do for me. We’re glad we found green barley and especially grateful for another "life" for Streaker.

Madison Wisconsin

I have a purebred show cat that I am very attached to. During Thanksgiving weekend, Mignon came down with a fever and by Sunday, he could not even lift his head to drink water. I felt helpless as my vet was away for the weekend and the animal hospital could only suggest to bring him in for tests. However, I did not even dare to pick him up, much less take him for a ride in the car. I decided to try to make him drink water with green barley with the help of a syringe. This took patience, but the results were almost miraculous. Within a day he started coming back to life, and the next day he was getting up and walking around. Within three days he was completely well. Since that time, I have recommended green barley to many people and it has never failed them or their pets.

Ottawa, Ontario
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