Firecrackers or Enzymes for New Year’s Eve?

A Healing Story

My husband Lloyd came back from trips to Brazil, El Salvador and Belize Dec 19, 2001. By late afternoon Dec 30, he developed the most severe shakes and chills I have ever witnessed. Despite a hot fire and wrapped in double layers of clothes, he was unable to control the shaking, and asked me to take him to the hospital. The way he was feeling, he said, reminded him of his encounter with malaria 10 years earlier. He also suggested that the incubation period for malaria was about the time that had passed after his trip to Central America.

I figured that over the holiday season it was not the easiest task to go and find medical help, certainly not someone accustomed to tropical disease. So we reverted to what we had available first. My daughter ran a bath with generous amounts of Cell Wellness Restorer and after a few minutes in the tub, the shaking had stopped although he was still feeling cold inside.

Then I remembered the therapeutic potential of enzymes. The testimonial of an electrician came to mind who got stung by a yellow jacket. His hand swelled up within seconds and he had severe breathing difficulty. He asked the person he was working for to call 911. However, he was talking to an expert on enzymes who gave him a handful of enzymes diluted in water. 15 minutes later the electrician went back outside to resume his work: the swelling had disappeared and the man’s breathing was back to normal.

Accordingly, I fixed a drink, taking 8 PrepZymes out of their capsules to make them readily available to the system. Without food, the enzymes were free to go to wherever help was needed in the body. The taste wasn’t anywhere close to champagne but my husband, just for once, claimed he would do anything I told him to. A red letter day!

A half hour later I mixed him a juice my special mix of green juice, carrots and beets, AIM’s Garden Trio. Just a few days prior I had heard of a physician in New York who treats his patients with this mix, having them take it eight times a day for two weeks. Apparently a turn-around happens for most illnesses. My husband went to sleep and had an amazingly quiet night. He woke up, still achy and tired with a somewhat elevated temperature. He improved as the day went on, being fed alternating drinks of enzymes and the Trio. However, the better he felt, the less enthusiastic he became about taking them.

By the end of the afternoon he was well enough to sit at the computer. We were just ready to sit down for New Year’s Eve supper with a friend when Lloyd came to the table in the same state as the night before: shaking uncontrollably, feeling miserable. So we went through the same procedure as before: soaking in a Cell Wellness bath equipped with a glass of enzymes. Again the shakes calmed down. Once settled in his bed, the three of us offered Lloyd some Reiki, turning internal chills into internal heat. Eventually he fell asleep.

New Year’s Day, Lloyd acknowledged the importance of continuing the regime of juices and enzymes. When my daughter and I came home from a party he was sitting in bed reading, ready to joke. He felt "like a new man" the next morning and hasn’t had a recurrence of chills since.

By Rica Gerhardt


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