Energy Medicine in an Emergency!

This has been one of my most awesome experiences, really showing me how powerful the tools and products are that we all have access to.

August 30, 2002 - about 9.45; still on holiday and in our nightgowns, taking it easy; my husband in Vancouver. My nine-year old daughter Karina was fixing her breakfast. Just as the pan was on the stove she remarked: "My hands are really itchy." So I advised her to give them a good wash with some Cell Wellness Restorer (CWR), which she did. Still in the process she pointed out that "they are really hard, not as soft as usual." She did a second wash with CWR and we went back to the kitchen to check on her French toast, hands still itchy. All of a sudden she said, "I’m getting dizzy". Taking her in my arms I noticed white spots on her left cheek. I lead her to the sofa where she laid down. By that time I was questioning what she might have touched previously. The only unusual thing that came to mind was a new "waterproof" hairband that just prior to fixing her breakfast she had tried to put in a ponytail. Muscle testing her showed that it weakened her energy so I decided to do an allergy correction for her.

That’s when I noticed some little white spots on both wrists. She also expressed that her hands were feeling "stiff and hard" although she had mobility. I examined her arms: spots at her elbows. Growing more alarmed I investigated further and found them behind her knees. Something told me to lift up her nightgown: and there they were all over her tummy, practically expanding into welts before my very own eyes. Not to alarm her I didn’t say much and didn’t show them to her, just continued to work on energy reflex points to balance her body energy. However, she wanted to know if I was scared. Playing dumb I asked her what made her think so - my hands were shaking, she said. So I explained that it was a very different feeling to do this work with my own daughter or someone I was less emotionally attached to.

I didn’t really understand what was going on, other than that it was a severe allergic reaction to something seemingly so small. However, I had a strong sense that I just had to act instead of driving her to the nearest hospital which is 20 minutes away or waiting for 911 to respond. So I acted as if I had it all together while inwardly I was shaky and frightened, wondering if the condition would reverse without medical intervention.

Guidance was coming in fast: give her a glass of BarleyLife, full strength; a few minutes later a glass of water with plenty of Prepzymes dissolved; hold more meridian points. I asked her to breathe deeply and blow it all out, to which she replied that she was feeling a lump in her throat when breathing out. Hiding my own fear from her the best I could I prayed for guidance and help while the symptoms increased, the hives on her tummy getting more and bigger. Wanting to be able to shift the energy faster by holding more points simultaneously I called my neighbor for help; she didn’t answer the phone. So I went into high gear, acting fast on whatever ideas were put into my head: Bachflower Rescue Remedy for both her and me while running a bath with lots of CWR. Karina liked the idea of a soak as she was feeling shivery cold and hot at the same time.

I also asked for a sign to give me confirmation that I was doing the right things. A minute later Karina reported that she was feeling thrillbumps all over her body, coming in waves. It may not mean much to other people yet goosebumps and shivers have always been part of my healing sessions with clients, signs for me that our guides are actively involved. I’m feeling it again as I am writing these lines and can only rationalize that the message had to come from Karina to convince me that I definitely was not making it up.

Soaking her in the warm water I alternated between massaging her gently and holding energy points that I was guided to. When no new ideas were coming, muscle testing guided me further. At some point I could see that the bumps on her wrists were diminishing. However, Karina pointed to her lip and commented on a hard bump she was feeling develop. It wasn’t very pronounced but I could see something there. Her hands were not itching any longer, yet still "hard as rock", feeling somewhat better when out of water but burning when immersed. As the first symptoms slowly faded, new ones appeared.

Out of the blue she stroked my arm and said: "It’s OK Mom, I’m still alive". More BarleyLife, more enzymes, more Rescue Remedy, more water to drink, a wet washcloth first on her face, then on her forehead, holding stress release points simultaneously. I was guided to Donna Eden’s book "Energy Medicine" on my bedside table and to her chapter on "Spirit Guides". I didn’t feel I had to read it yet took it as a message to invite our MAP teams in. In my anxiety, I had forgotten about them and happily asked for their assistance in addition to Reiki and prayers.

When Karina wanted to get out of the tub her arms and legs were clear of hives, yet she experienced more dizziness and laid down. The marks on her tummy were still rather visible although less protruding.

It probably took 1 ½ hours to get her back to normal. I had not noticed time going by. My neighbor, thanks to caller ID (I decided not to waste time to leave a message) had returned my call since she had heard the phone from the yard. However, in order not to be distracted I had turned my phone off. I was happy to have someone to talk to after it was all over. I don’t remember feeling so scared and vulnerable in my life, while at the same time working on autopilot. As it turned out later, it was just as well that I exuded more confidence than I felt. Karina informed me that she was never really frightened because I had told her everything was OK. I don’t know what I would have done without these very special and potent products as well as Reiki, Health Kinesiology and our spiritual guides. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

by Rica Gerhardt

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