Law of Attraction in Action

Creating my reality intentionally or ‘by default’?

Law of Attraction as a Universal Law works if we are aware of it or not, if we believe in it or not, if we choose to utilize it to our advantage to create what we desire or if we move through life ignoring its power, mainly reacting to what happens to us and around us.

Law of Attraction basically implies that whatever we focus on we draw into our lives. For it to work, it doesn’t matter if our attention is on what we want or if it is on what we do not want. Either way we are fueling energy into the issue and attract it into our lives.

The following situation from my own experience may offer some more insight.

In celebration of my daughter’s birthday I took her and two friends to a restaurant. I thought it would be fun for the girls to choose their favorite foods at the buffet and then see it prepared at the big barbeque, especially since the friends had never been to the Mongolian Village.

As we were discussing drinks, one girl mentioned "pop" to which my very emphatic reply was: "Sorry, I am not wasting money on that kind of junk." No big deal, they were all happy with a juice.

A few minutes later, we all had filled up our bowls at the buffet when I realized the two friends had chosen quite a substantial amount of ‘Imitation Crab’. Knowing they were both vegetarians, I was wondering about it and inquired if they liked it a lot. It turned out they never had tried it, didn’t really know what it was but had been lead to believe by the name that it had to be some kind of vegetarian fish. Given what’s available in terms of veggie hotdogs, veggie hamburgers and such that was easy to understand. However, taking their dishes, the cook explained to them that, on the contrary, it was some kind of fish.

As soon as our food was served at the table both girls started digging through their pile of food, picking out each little piece of crab they could identify. And what a dishful it was!

It only took me a minute to understand what was happening. Ever since learning about Law of Attraction I keep asking myself "how did I attract this situation into my life?" Of course I knew that the discarded food would be thrown out! Since you pay by weight, I was sorry to realize I was wasting money on junk after all!

I got exactly what I had talked about!

Keeping a straight face, I contemplated the event. Part of me was not too happy, part of me had to chuckle. The funny thing is I could immediately see how I had manifested this experience.

First, I had put quite a bit of emotion in my initial statement re the pop drinks, which had made it more powerful. "Wasting" in any form goes very much against my grain, be it $$$ or food in particular.

Second, I had focused on what I did NOT want vs. on what I did want, therefore creating "by default". According to Law of Attraction both situations are equally treated by the universe.

Third, on a practical note, had I been more mindful, I could have paid attention to what the girls were doing, therefore avoiding the situation altogether.

However, being oblivious to their doings turned into a powerful learning experience for me; one that wasn’t too painful but just irritating enough to be remembered.

Watch what you ask for, you may just get it! Even if you don’t consciously intend it...

By Rica Gerhardt
First published in Tone Magazine, May 2005


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