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Book Review:

"Home with God "

by Neale Donald Walsh

Way back when the first volume of "Conversations with God" came out, it was a major stepping stone on my spiritual journey. At the time, I felt, it had summed up so many ideas and concepts that I was only vaguely familiar but resonated very strongly with; they just seemed right. Moreover, I had never seen them all gathered in one book.

Now, about 10 years later, Neale Donald Walsh’ latest book "Home with God" again hit home with me. If you haven’t read it and don’t have it on your Christmas list yet, I suggest it is a MUST! Very enlightening and inspiring and comforting indeed!

The subtitle on the front page already hints at one of the main teachings. "In a life that never ends" indicates that there is no death. We are told "Death does not exist." (p. 89) As well, "Death is never a tragedy. It is always a gift." (p.42) "Birth and Death are moments of Pure Creation ... (p.212)

"Home with God"–said to be "a final Conversation with God," at least in public– is meant to help us get rid of our fear of death so that we can truly start living in joy. By means of Neal Donald Walsh’ pen, God suggests that we are afraid to die because of what we have been taught about death. As a consequence, we are also afraid to really live. (pp.42/43)

Not all the concepts presented were entirely new to me. However, I like books for easy reference and consider "Home with God" a keeper. It’s a treasure to have on my shelf ready to pick up for inspiration when needed, to share with others asking for support, especially when they are struggling with a death in their family.

A friend had mentioned the book to me earlier in the year but somehow I had put it on the back burner. Little did I know how much more it would have prepared me as my mother passed on rather unexpectedly in May. Several months later I scrolled through old emails and came across her recommendation to read "Home with God". Still unaware of its content, this time it spoke to me so I picked it up. What a comfort to read! After studying the Abraham teachings in depth for a number of years now, it was so encouraging and exciting to get the same messages and declarations from a different author, in print or ‘schwarz auf weiss’ (black on white) as we would say in German.

As much as I appreciate the refreshing perspectives on "death", the ones on "life" and joyful living are just as illuminating.

"Home with God" not only teaches that "Life is eternal" (p. 166) but that we create the life we live. Basically we are reminded: "think only what you choose to experience. Say only what you choose to make real. Use your mind to consciously instruct your body to do only what you choose to demonstrate as your highest reality." (p.58) .....

You are creating your reality by the vibration, by the energy, that you send out." (p. 213)

In other words, we’d better pay heed to the Law of Attraction which says: like attracts like... as we sow, so we shall reap... what we send out, boomerangs back to us...

As the front cover indicates, this book is "A Wondrous message of Love." It really is. If we were to start living according to its principles:

    1) We would never entertain negative thoughts in our mind again.

    2) If a negative thought did happen to slip in, we would get it out of our mind immediately. We would think of something else, deliberately. We would simple change our mind about that.

    3) We would begin to not only understand Who We Really Are, but to honor and demonstrate that.....

    4) We would love ourselves fully, just as we are.

    5) We would love everyone else fully, just as they are.

    6) We would love life fully, just as it is.

    7) We would forgive everyone everything.

    8) We would never deliberately hurt another human being again–emotionally or physically. Least of all would we ever do this in the name of God.

    We would never mourn the death of another again, not even for a moment. We might mourn our loss, but not their death.

    10) We would never fear or mourn our own death, not even for a moment.

    11) We would be aware that everything is vibration. Everything. And so we would pay much more attention to the vibration of everything we eat, of everything that we wear, of everything that we watch, read, or listen to, and most important, of everything that we think, say, and do.

    12) We would do whatever it takes to adjust the vibration of our own energy and the life energy that we are creating around us if we find that it is not in resonance with the highest knowing we have about Who We Are, and the greatest experience of this that we can possibly imagine. (pp. 213/214)

    If everybody did this, what a world would we live in! Take time to cuddle up with a good book and enjoy "Home with God"!

    By Rica Gerhardt
    First published in Tone Magazine, February 2007

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