Gratitude Part 2
The Most Powerful Prayer Is a Prayer of Gratitude

Some of my personal experience with the gratitude journal

After all the positive response that I have had on my article "Gratitude - The Key to Transformation" in the March 1997 issue of Tone Magazine, I would like to share some of my own, more recent experiences. Before going public with the first article I had been quite good at finding 10 items at night to be grateful for. However, I must admit, that I had been more negligent when it came to taking time in the morning to anticipate my day, create my day by expressing gratitude ahead of time for what I wanted to happen. People say, you teach what you need to learn yourself - that's how it was with me.

For the past few weeks I have actually taken some time in the morning to plan my days. The results have been so amazing and encouraging that I will list the most outstanding ones to give you some food for thought and possible action.
Some of the following incidences happened on different days when, very much encouraged after my initial success, I had used the same affirmations again. Some of the situations even happened the very same day, thus giving me triple surprises at times.

"I am grateful for a nice phone call."

Writing that sentence for the first time I wasn't quite sure if I would phone a friend to have a nice chat or if I was "expecting" a call. The latter, admittedly, had secretly been more my idea, yet how can you make someone call you? What happened, was just more than I would have imagined in my wildest dreams.

  • Someone I didn't know phoned to thank me for writing the article on "gratitude".
  • A friend phoned and asked me to teach a workshop for her.
  • I received a new registration for my last workshop.
  • A friend invited me and my daughter to watch a video, which is special for us since we don't have either tv or video.
  • My husband's suitcase that got lost on his trip was announced found and delivered.

"I am grateful for some kind of a nice surprise."
  • A few minutes after writing this my brother phoned rather unexpectedly from Germany. Mind you, he is by no means a regular caller.
  • The same day I saw the first geese and the first robins in our garden telling me that finally spring was just around the corner. I also got an email from my husband in Africa. You might have heard about the "regularity' of electricity in the middle of nowhere so you know how special an occasion that is.
  • I noticed the first tulips peeking out.
  • A friend invited me out and paid for supper.
  • I got another surprise call on my article, nearly a month after publication.
  • Someone called who I had not talked with for 2 years.
  • I received an invitation to visit a holiday resort, including a free gift.
  • Someone called from Timmins to book a session with me.
  • My husband surprised me with a present. It was not my birthday!
  • I was invited to be a guest at a Reiki III class.
  • A friend called to share the positive effects of our recent session.

"I am grateful for some new insights (that help me)."
  • A friend called from Seattle and talked about her experience with a kind of sound therapy that I had never heard about.
  • I came across some new, delicious-looking recipes; I love cooking and trying out new stuuf. Another day I winged a yummy spread myself.
  • I picked up a magazine/ a book and read astounding stuff there.
  • In a store, a stranger told me about his experience with a crockpot.
  • I had a chance to learn more about my husband's latest stay in Africa.
  • Muscle testing with a client revealed a different approach and a new procedure for energy work.
  • I had a long talk with someone I had not known very well, giving me the chance to connect with her on a deeper level.

None of these situations are extraordinary in themselves, yet in the context of unknowingly anticipating something nice and surprising, thus "creating my reality", they have been pretty special for me. Believe me, at the beginning of the day, I had no idea that there was the slightest chance of getting any of those phone calls or surprises. They came out of the blue, yet happened exactly on those days when I felt the need for some kind of a boost and had prayed for it.

Some people may still call my experiences "coincidences", which is fine. However, I stopped believing that anything happens "by accident" years ago. On the contrary, I have found a lot of backing in various sources about what some people call "synchronicity" and have finally come to believe more and more that we create our own reality. I look at the above as pretty strong confirmation that we actually do.

If someone asks me today "Are prayers ever answered?" I will know for sure how to reply. I am truly convinced now that the most powerful prayer is the prayer of gratitude. "Ask and you will receive" has taken on a new perspective. We need "the faith of a mustard seed" that God will not deny us what we want for ourselves. We need to understand that "the request itself is not necessary. Then the prayer is a prayer of thanksgiving. It is not a request at all, but a statement of gratitude for what is so." (Conversations with God 1, p.13).

Based on my experience, I would like to encourage you to give it a try yourself. Play and have fun with your gratitude journal, and I'm almost sure you will be astounded by Spirit, as I was.  Create happy days and events for yourself! Enjoy!

By Rica Gerhardt
First published in Tone Magazine, July 1997


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